Exclusive Conference to Discuss, Deliberate, Exchange and Explore The Innovation in Eye Care
Organizing Chairman
Organizing Chairman


First President – OATN & Founder – Kuveyeam Opticals


As all of us know, Blindness and Vision Impairment are significant public health issues in India. While cataract is the leading cause, uncorrected refractive error is the 2ndmost common cause of blindness. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximately 39.3 million, including 1.6 million children in India, are blind or visually impaired due to the condition. All this is due to lack of eye examination and provision for appropriate pair of spectacles. Add to this, conditions like Glaucoma and avoidable vision impairment in the 50+ age group, the importance of trained eye care professionals like us becomes imperative. We the Optometrists are professionals whose skill and expertise helps thousands see the world in its true colors. So, this is our time, NOW MORE THAN EVER. Now is not time to sulk over competition but the time to expand our wings and be of service to more people. It is here that OATN plays a pivotal role, by working towards the uplifting the morale of the optometric professionals across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. OATN, while getting the Optometrists to focus on preventive eye health, also serves as a wonderful platform for knowledge sharing, bringing in learning from around the world to raise our standards even further. It is time to upgrade ourselves to face the exciting future and this conference will provide an exclusive technical forum for participants to discuss, deliberate, exchange and explore the innovations in eye care.