Exclusive Conference to Discuss, Deliberate, Exchange and Explore The Innovation in Eye Care
About OPT-INT 2018

This decade has seen a tremendous change and exponential growth in the field of Optometry in India. One side, there has been significant contributions by optometric educators to regulate and regularize the profession of Optometry in this country. On the other side, optometry profession has expanded its wings by significant contributions in the arena of academia, research, clinical care, innovations and development and to the community at large. This prestigious primary eye care profession has recognized its need to stay upgraded and updated in the profession by conducting and participating in scientific forums at large. One such pinnacle moment in this prestigious journey is OPT-INT, a forum to discuss, deliberate, exchange and explore ideas in the field of eye care. The striking statistics of rise in preventable blindness due to uncorrected refractive errors, and ocular morbidities has highlighted the demand for qualified primary eye care professionals. The OPT-INT will be a unique forum bringing together experts with a great mix of excellence in field of clinical care, community optometry, research and development, innovations and recent advancements. OPI-INT is committed in bringing to you core, unique, yet unexplored specialties in Optometry and healthcare. Listening to these experts will be a great opportunity for the eye care fraternity attending the forum, and we look forward to have all of you with us to interact, imbibe knowledge, and to get inspired! Do not miss this exciting event of Optometric- Intelligence!.